Black Oxygen Music National Band, Los Angeles, CA
  • Client: Black Oxygen Music
  • Work: Web Design, Branding, Digital Promotions, Merchandise
Tariq was first contacted by Black Oxygen in 2011 to consult them on their web presence and aesthetic direction. With the group's first album set to release in early 2012, the band wanted to make sure their website provided their audience with a matching persona. The first version of the website was originally drawn up in a grunge style to play off the band’s distinct rock style. Since then, Black Oxygen’s website has undergone multiple reiterations, the most recent of which has been designed specifically to market the band’s merchandise and music.
As the band’s presence has grown so has their reach. Since engaging Tariq for design and development services, Black Oxygen's hard work has led them to the Billboard’s Top charts and all major streaming outlets, including Apple Music and Spotify. As a part of their marketing effort Tariq has had the pleasure of not only designing and developing their websites, but also their album covers, merchandise, and online presentations.

After Black Oxygen released their first their first album they commissioned Tariq to begin working on the artwork for their second album. Two concepts were ultimately created for the album, titled “Beating Time.” The first was centered around a futuristic sci-fi experience, while the second illustrated present successes in the form of current achievements of the band. The band ultimately enjoyed great success with the album and embarked on multiple tours in the United States and abroad. As time went on so did the projects; Black Oxygen continued to commission, consult, and challenge Tariq with their creative ideas for tour promotions, music releases, and merchandise.