Gold Nugget Popcorn Gourmet Proprietor, Midwest
  • Client: Gold Nugget Poopcorn
  • Work: Web Design, Branding
Tariq was first referred to Dave Hestir and Gold Nugget Popcorn through a mutual acquaintance. Up until this point, all of Tariq's clients had very unique and interesting stories behind their businesses and Dave was no exception. Dave was a general businessman and a former a pilot in the Alaskan wilderness. Over the years Dave’s Italian roots led him to excel tremendously at two things: his gourmet food and his rich heritage, both of which collided to form the distinct experience of Gold Nugget Popcorn.
Dave commissioned Tariq to help express his passion for authentic cuisine and heritage and develop a reflection of his business online. Along the way Tariq had the great pleasure of experiencing first hand plenty of the company’s delicious foods and beverages, many of which were local to the business. Dave was also looking for his web presence to serve as a tool for his followers to book catering services and find his food truck when he was on the go. By the end of the project, a very distinct presence had emerged that allowed Gold Nugget Popcorn to showcase its rich origin while also encouraging its hungry followers to track down a bag of their favorite treat at any time of day.