Slashthree International Art Collective International
  • Client: Slashthree
  • Work: Web Development
After Slashthree’s twenty-first exhibition the collective decide it was time to switch gears. While the group had thrived using its basic platform, it became quite apparent that a transition was needed in order to serve to the needs of the modern digital art world. Where Slashthree had excelled at providing exposure it had lacked in providing a consistent experience, both in viewing and sharing. The group aspired to influence and inspire the digital art community by means of heavy involvement in real-world projects and causes. Slashthree decided that on the 3000th day of its operation it would relaunch its presence with a highly responsive design that was masterfully crafted by Husam Elfaki.
While Tariq lead the development side of the project, its success was largely due to the excellent vision of Husam and the impressive front-end work of Tyler Brown. The feedback received from the collective was invaluable to the revision process. The collective’s facelift coincided with the release of the group’s twenty-second exhibition, Discovery, a project challenging artists to trace their roots, internalize who they've become since joining the collective, and rediscover what it means to be a part of Slashthree. The project published over fifty vastly unique pieces and featured the collective's first artist interview video. The interview highlighted veteran artist Isaac Burton and his path leading up to and beyond Slashthree. The interview was led by Parker Peterson and filmed by Michael Moffett in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with typographical support by Husam.